Preferred pronouns: Scum, scumi, scumself, ferris bueller

I'm a Straight, white, normal, male, auto bot with a can of tuna(this has nothing to do with my identity im just telling you that I have a can of tuna)

Privilege: I am a conscious, sentient, carbon based life form that OWNS a can of tuna.

Think about it, while someone without a can of tuna could die from starvation in a desert island or north korea, I will in fact survive and thrive because of my can of tuna.

Possible uses for a can of tuna:
-as drinking water(the can contains liquid that helps preserve the tuna)
-as a form of sustenance
-as a shield against weaponless projectiles.
-as currency in a potential post apocalyptic society
-as a container for various odds and ends
-as a makeshift string phone

These are just a few examples of how my non-earned privilege of owning a can of tuna helps me or could help me get ahead in the world. As a parting thought id like to leave you with an image in your mind and that image is some poor defenseless orphan dying of hunger and thirst in the gobi dessert because he/she/xe/it/tits doesnt have a can of tuna. While I bask in my privilege and greedily eat the tuna inside my can of tuna, with no thought or consideration to the well being of the orphan.

This is why I need your donations to lobby the government to prohibit the ownership of cans of tuna.

Donate today.
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mmm sweet candy :P 

She’s electric. July 2014.

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mmm sweet candy :P